Sanjoh & Associates is a Houston based firm specializing in Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Immigration Law, Divorce and Child Custody, Criminal Defense, Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Defense, Warrants and Bail Bonds. For over 20 years, Attorney Divine Sanjoh has been very succeeful in representing clients in extremely complex cases. He aggressively defends each client to ensure their rights are protected during negotiations or at trials. We treat each client with compassion, care, and genuine concern. Attorney Divine Sanjoh has represented clients from throughout the United States and from around the world.

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  • PERSONAL INJURY The law at time is complex and confusing and you need an attorney that has the experience and expertise to help you make sense of it. Read More
  • AUTO ACCIDENT Our firm represents people who have sustained severe automobile injuries resulting from negligence. Read More
  • IMMIGRATION Immigration law is constantly changing, making it difficult for individuals to stay current with the requirements that apply to their specific immigration status. Read More
  • DIVORCE & CHILD CUSTODY Divorce can be a stressful, painful and a difficult experience for family members especially when children are involved and there is physical property and monetary assets. Read More
  • CRIMINAL DEFENSE Police questioning and investigations can be misleading and deceptive. Police officers are trained to investigate crimes and gather evidence to build a case against you. Read More
  • MEDICARE & MEDICAID FRAUD DEF. Health care fraud is now a major focus of federal and state governments. Due to the widespread criminal activities identified in operating medical clinics, Read More